The School Efficiency Project - an overview

The School Efficiency Project started when a director of the national Certificate in Educational Administration course asked school administrators to name the one thing they would most like to change in their job.

Some of the suggestions were simple, such as arranging matters so teachers don’t have to come into the school office to make phone calls, or once and for all dealing with parents who flagrantly ignore the established procedure for handing in dinner money.  Other proposed changes were broader in scale, such as proposals to change the way in which unexplained pupil absences are handled.

Hundreds of such ideas were proposed by students on the course – and yet when asked if the ideas had been implemented, the answer was almost universally “no”. 

As a result, the School of Educational Administrators has published “The Efficiency Project” which outlines some of the changes administrators have proposed and suggests ways in which they could be implemented.  The Project has been integrated into the Certificate in Educational Administration course and has also been made available free of charge to all school managers and school administrators.

The School Efficiency Project: the school manager's report can be downloaded free of charge here.  

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